Homosexuality at its most passionate with George Nader’s ‘Chrome’

After decades since it was written George Nader’s book called ‘Chrome’ still makes one head swoon. The raw passion and sheer unabashed portray of same sex love in this science fiction is to be marveled at. Written in 1978 this book by George Nader has gone under 6 publications already. It is still rated highly on ‘Goodreads’ ( ) and is available to be bought on almost all online stores.

For those of you, who think George Nader was some famous homo literotica author, think again. George Nader in reality was a famous Hollywood star. He played in many movies like ‘Robot Monster’, ‘Miss Robin Crusoe’, and ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ and ‘the trap shuts at midnight’.

His acting career spanned from the early 50s to the mid-70s. Unfortunately, he met with an accident which disabled him from acting in front of bright lights. He had to leave his acting career behind and focus his potential on other things.

For a person who made his world debut with a science fiction movie, what better way to enter the author spectrum than write a sci-fi! He authored ‘Chrome’ ( ) based on the same sex relation between a man and a humanoid. The plot ranges from passionate love to drama and loads of action. The end was befitting homosexual relations of the 70s where two lovers rarely got together. It also lent an insight to the societal mentality towards homosexuals.

George Nader came out with his sexual orientation with his lifelong partner Mark Miller in 1980s. This was right after the death of his fast friend Rock Hudson. In 1999, Nader came out with another book called ‘Perils of Paul’ which he co-authored with Miller. This book is based on real life homosexual Hollywood experiences faced by Nader and Miller.

With the world turning in favor of the LGBT movement, Nader’s book ‘Chrome’ has become a must read.