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Whoever knows of George Nader knows that he led a tumultuous life with many ups and downs. His movies were made with passion and vigor which he portrayed in his real life too. His life began in a small town called Pasadena, California in 1921 from where he picked up the acting bug. Not one to shirk duties, he made sure to sign up with the US Navy and serve his country in the war.

After the war nothing could keep George Nader from pursuing his life’s goals. His ambition since the beginning was in acting and theatre is where he started his career from. Nader appeared in a series of plays on the Pasadena Playhouse theatre. He also met Mark Miller here who went on to become his lifelong partner.

George Nader was homosexual ( )to the core. He was also honest to a fault. He never lied about being in relationship with a woman just to keep the tabloids of bay. He also did not indulge in possessing a ‘beard’; a woman to place on your arms in events and parties so that an actor’s virile image could be strengthened.

Once, Universal Pictures ( ) developed an elaborate plan to have Nader marry one of the secretaries in a fake ceremony. The secretary was convinced, however, Nader got cold feet. There are many such anecdotes of Nader’s life which truly impassioned him in his beefcake personality in real life as well.

After his acting career was over, Nader turned towards authoring books and delivered two very successful literature pieces around homosexuality. George Nader was known to make a name for him in the direst of circumstances and never one to falter. He persevered in living till the very end of his days when he was suddenly contracted with a bacterial infection.

George Nader was amongst the truest of American actors who many a times portrayed a character in real life which he played on reel.

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