George Garfield Nader ( ) was born in Pasadena, California in 1921 to Alice Scott and George Nader Sr. His early years were spent in Pasadena where he joined Occidental College to complete his Bachelors in Theatre Expressions. Soon, as every other youth of his time he signed up with the Armed Forces. He served his country in the US Navy as a Communications Operator.

His acting started on the stage of Pasadena Playhouse where he performed even while doing movies. This is also where he met his lifelong partner Mark Miller.  In 1950, he got a breakthrough role in ‘Rustlers on Horseback’. His first major acting turning point was a starring role in ‘Robot Monster’.

Soon, he got picked up by Universal Pictures and got a chance to star in many roles with other famous actors like Hudson, Chandler and Curtis. He also rubbed shoulders with many famous leading actresses such as Jeanne Crain, Maureen O’Hara and Joan Crawford.

In 1960 he was made to leave Hollywood following the threat of a scandal by ‘Confidential’. They claimed that they had a piece on Hudson and Nader being homosexual partners. In reality both Nader and Miller were very good friends with Hudson. In fact, Miller was also a secretary to Hudson and together both helped take care of Hudson in his final days.

Nader left Hollywood to move to Europe. While in Europe he did not give up on his acting career and with Miller in tow supporting him, he performed in a number of films. His breakthrough was acting in a series of Jerry Cotton ( )movies. After his acting career was stopped short, Nader moved back to the States where he lived in Palm Springs.

In September, 2001 Nader was admitted to a nursing home with complaints from a bacterial infection. Soon, his health slipped away and he was put on a ventilator. George Nader passed away quietly in the afternoon of February 4, 2002.